University of Virginia Library


At a called meeting of the Board of Visitors held at
the University on April 19, 1904.

Present: The Rector & Visitors Harmon, Moore, Glass,
White, Buchanan, Downing, Hunton, and Wallace.

Eppa Hunton, jr., R. Walton Moore, & B. F. Buchanan,
& Daniel Harmon having been appointed by the Governor, approved
by the Senate, and commissioned to serve as Visitors of the
University for the four years next ensuing from       1904,
the said Hunton, Moore, & Buchanan, before The Hon. Geo. W.
Morris, Judge of the Corporation Court of the City of Charlottesville,
took & subscribed the oath required by law as
Visitors of the University of Virginia.


The Chairman of the Faculty presented to the Board
various reports, petitions &c., which, having been read and
considered, the following resolutions were adopted:

Resolved: That the Proctor be, and is hereby, authorized
& directed to furnish to the University Hospital, Lecture
Rooms, Library, Offices, Shop & Boiler House a sufficient supply
of ice during the season free of charge, and to sell &
deliver to residents in & near the University grounds any
surplus he can furnish at such price, in his discretion, as
will fully cover the cost of gathering & delivery, and allow
a reasonable profit for maintenance of the plant, repairs to
Ice Houses &c.

Whereas the Legislature at its last Session made a special
appropriation of Thirty One Thousand Dollars (31000 00)
for the purpose of building two additional wards to the University
Hospital, and

Whereas, it is of vital importance that work be commenced
at once, therefore—

Resolved: That the Proctor be, and is hereby, authorized
to draw on the Auditor of Public Accounts for the amount of
this appropriation, so that the same may be immediately avail-
able for use of the Building Committee.

Resolved: The modified plans for the addition of two
wards to the Hospital prepared by Mr. Paul J. pez having been
submitted, are approved. And the members of the Medical Faculty,
together with the Proctor, are authorized & directed to
call for bids & make a contract for the completion of so much


of the work as can be finished for $37000. The contract,
before being executed, to be approved by John B. Moon, the
Counsel for the Board.

Resolved: That all questions relating to the Cooperative
Book Society be, and the same are, referred to the Executive
Committee of this Board- and that said Committee shall
have full power to act in the premises.

The application of Professor W. A. Lambeth for repairs
to the basement of the Gymnasium is hereby referred to Mr.
Daniel Harmon and the Proctor for such action in the premises
as to them may seem right.

Resolved: That the Proctor be authorized to pay $100.
for the expenses of the Intercollegiate Debate.

Resolved: That the request of The Ladies Confederate
Memorial Association, contained in the letter of Mrs. N. K.
Davis to Dr. Page dated Apl. 19th, be referred to a committee
consisting of the Chairman of the Faculty, the chairman
of the Executive Committee & the Proctor, for such action
as they may deem proper.

Resolved: That $59 00 be appropriated for the purchase
of books by the Professor of Latin.

Resolved: That the sum of $1200. be appropriated, in
lieu of the present appropriation, for assistance in teaching
in the School of Latin, to be paid to 3 assistants to be
nominated by the Professor of Latin & appointed by the Board
—to be effective after Sept. 15th 1904. The sum hereby appropriated
to be apportioned as the Professor of Latin may


Information having been received of the gift to the University
by Mrs. Lizzie Triplett Price & Miss Elizabeth Price,
the widow & daughter of the late Professor Thomas R. Price of
his library, it is Resolved - that the Rector be requested
to express to Mrs. & Miss Price the Board's deep & grateful
appreciation of their generosity to the institute of which
Prof. Price was a most eminent alumnus and which for many
years had the benefit of his distinguished services as a teacher,
& the assurance that the library will be treasured as
a valuable memorial of the genius & virtues of its collector.

And be it Resolved further that the Board approves all
that has been done by the Faculty relative to the gift in
question & cordially unite with the Faculty in the invitation
extended to Dr. W. G. McCabe to respond to the address which
is to be made by Dr B. L. Gildersleeve in turning over the
library to the University.

Resolved: That the gift of Mrs. Francis Branch Scott
of Richmond, Va. of Ten Thousand Dollars for the present
equipment and future maintenance of a laboratory of Electrical
Engineering, in connection with the Engineering Department
of the University, one half thereof to be spent for the
outfit, as a memorial to her late son, John Waverly Scott, a
former student and loyal alumnus, be accepted, & that the
thanks of the Board are tendered to Mrs. Scott for her generous
gift and timely assistance.

Resolved: That so much of the petitions of the Washington
and Jefferson Literary Societies, presented this day to
the Board, as refers to an appropriation of $150 for expenses


incident to the Intercollegiate Debate for the session of
1904-05 be deferred for future consideration; and that the
amount of $50. be appropriated for an inter-society debater's
medal and the amount of $50 00 for expenses of secunning and
entertaining a final orator for next commencement.

Resolved: That $75 00 be appropriated to be expended
by the Librarian—$5000 for binding the unbound magazines &
pamphlets in the library, & $25 00 for the purchase of current

The following changes & additions are made in the Standing

Library & Apparatus:  Messrs. Moore, Hunton & White 
Conduct of Schools:  Messrs. Wallace, Hunton, & Buchanan 
Buildings & Grounds:  Messrs. Glass, Downing, & White 
Health, Infirmary,  Buchanan, Wallace, & Moore 
Sewerage, & Drainage Messrs. 

On motion the Board adjourned.

Jas Jones,
Charles P. Jones