University of Virginia Library


At a regular annual meeting of the Board of Visitors
held at the University on Monday, June 15th 1903.

Present: The Rector, and Visitors Moore, Wallace, Irvine,
Harmon, Downing, Stuart, & Hunton.

The Board was called to order by the Rector.

The following reports were presented to the Board for

Report of the Chairman of the Faculty

Report of the Proctor

Report of the Commissioner of Accounts

Reports of Various Schools &etc.

The following standing committees were appointed by the
Rector for the ensuing year:

Finance: Members Harmon, Downing, & Glass

Library & Apparatus: Members Moore, Hunton, & Stuart.

Conduct of Schools &c: Members Irvine, Wallace, & Hunton.

Buildings & Grounds: Members Glass, Downing, & Stuart.

Health, Infirmary,
Sewerage & Drainage. Members Irvine, Wallace, & Moore.

Miller Board Com. Members Harmon, Glass, & Moore.

The following resolutions were adopted by the Board:

Resolved: That the Bierly Scholarship for the ensuing
session be awarded to Mr. Jesse W. Downey, Jr., on the nomination
of Albert S. Brown, Esq.

Resolved: That Mr. John Walter Wayland be elected by
the Board to the John Y. Mason Fellowship for the ensuing


Resolved, That in accordance with the recommendation of
the Director of the Observatory, Messrs. Thos. McN. Simpson,
Geo. F. Paddock, and Wm B. Stone be appointed Vanderbilt
Fellows in Astronomy for the session 1903-4.

Resolved: That the resolution adopted October 17, 1902
in regard to the Instructor in the Schools of Modern Languages
be modified to this extent: that instead of one instructor
there be established two Fellowships, one in Teutonic Languages
and one in Romanic Languages, each to carry a compensation
of $200. per annum. These fellowships to be filled on
the recommendation of the respective professors in these
schools, the duties of the Fellows in these Schools to be to
teach the classes in their schools and also the duties now
performed by the instructor.

Dr. W. H. Faulkner is appointed Fellow in Teutonic Languages
and Mr. G. D. Davidson is appointed Fellow in Romanic Languages.

Resolved: That Dr. J. M. Page be and he is hereby elected
Chairman of the Faculty to act until a president be chosen and
take office, or until further provision be made by this Board
for the duties of this office.

Resolved: That Mess. Jones, Harmon, Moore, Glass and
Hunton shall constitute the Executive Committee for the ensuing

The following correspondence &c in regard to the "Henry
Coalter Cabell Scholarship in English Literature" was ordered
to be recorded in connection with the resolution appended


"To the Rector & Visitors of
The University of Virginia.
"Dear Sirs,

I beg to transmit to your honorable body the enclosed
memorandum and letter with the information that Mrs. Claiborne
and Capt. Cabell have established in the School of
English Literature a scholarship to be known as the Henry
Coalter Cabell scholarship. Their decision is the result
of an exchange of letters between Mrs. Claiborne and myself
in which she expressed their desire to provide here some memorial
of their lamented Father and in which I had the privilege
of proposing several plans.

Mrs. Claiborne requested that the scholarship be established
in the Department of English Literature & under the
conditions set forth in the memorandum and modified by her
letter. I make bold to suggest that both the memorandum and
the pertinent portions of her letter be recorded.

Very Respectfully,
Charles W. Kent"
My dear Dr. Kent,

I had hoped very much to see you during the Educational
Conference last week, and had I known you would return to the
city from the University of Virginia, I should have made an
effort to see you on Sunday; as it was, I had but a glimpse
of you on the platform on Sunday night.


I enclose the memorandum you sent me some time since
which entirely meets with my approval and enclose checks for
twelve hundred dollars for the establishment of a scholarship.
Will you kindly place them in the proper hands?

I thank you very much for all your kindness in this matter,
which both my brother Captain Henry Cabell and myself
very greatly appreciate.

All that you have recommended meets with our entire approval
except- we would like the scholarship open to all irrespective
of wealth or position and not to be confined to
those young men who need financial aid.

I presume if at any future time we desire to increase
the amount of this Scholarship there will be no difficulty
in so doing.

With very sincere appreciation of all your kindness in
aiding me in this matter,

I am, most cordially yours,
Kate Cabell Claiborne.

May First - 1903.


as to the Scholarship established by Mrs. Herbert A.

Claiborne & Capt. Henry Coalter Cabell, U. S. A.

1. This scholarship shall be known as the Henry Coalter
Cabell Scholarship in English Literature.

2. This scholarship shall be awarded annuall at the June
meeting of the Board of Visitors upon the nomination
of the Examining Committee in the School of English Literature.


3. The examining committee of the School of English Literature
shall select the candidate for this scholarship from
the list of applicants all of whom shall be graduates in
the B.A. or M.A. courses in English Literature and desirous
of pursuing advanced courses. In selecting the Candidate
the Committee shall have regard not only to attainments,
but to promise of future success and need of aid in
achieving it.

No student shall hold this scholarship more than twice.

4. For the maintenance of this scholarship the sum of twelve
hundred dollars has been deposited with the Proctor of the
University of Virginia with the request that he invest it
in accordance with his best judgment and pay the annual
income (from June to June) to the holder of the scholarship.

5. The holder of this scholarship shall pursue such work in
English as the Professor of English Literature may direct
and may, at the professor's discretion be required to aid
him in designated work.

Resolved: The Rector and Visitors of the University of
Virginia, having learned with genuine pleasure that Mrs. Kate
Cabell Claiborne and Capt. Henry Coalter Cabell, U. S. A.,
have offered to establish in the School of English Literature
a scholarship in honor of their distinguished father, Col.
Henry Coalter Cabell, desire to express to Mrs. Claiborne and
Capt. Cabell their full and grateful appreciation of this beneficence
and to assure them that, in accepting their offer and


officially authorizing this scholarship, they sincerely hope
that the scholarship may be so worthily won by ambitious and
aspiring students that continual credit may be reflected upon
the name of the University's honored alumnus, Col. Henry Coalter

Resolved, therefore, that the thanks of the Rector and
Visitors of the University of Virginia be tendered to the
founders of this scholarship for their kindly thought of the
University in this graceful memorial of their honored father.

Resolved, further, that this preamble and resolution be
conveyed to Mrs. Claiborne and Capt. Cabell and recorded on
the minutes of the Board

Resolved, further, that appointments to this scholarship
shall be made in accordance with the memorandum referred to
in Mrs. Claiborne's letter subject to the qualification suggested
in said letter, both of which will be spread on the

Resolved: That John S. Flory be appointed to the Henry
Coalter Cabell scholarship for the session 1903-04.

Resolved: That the Proctor be authorized to deposit the
funds, or such part thereof as he thinks proper, of the University,
in the Fidelity Savings & Trust Co. of Charlottesville,
provided the said Company give as security marketable
public securities satisfactory to & approved by the Finance
Committee for the safety of such deposits & pay interest on
daily balances at the rate of 3 per. cent. per annum.

On motion, the Board adjourned until to-morrow morning,
June 16th, 1903.

Jas. Jones Secretary

Charles P. Jones Rector


Present: The Rector, &, Members Harmon, Wallace, Moore,
Stuart, Glass, Irvine, & Hunton.

The Board was called to order by the Rector, and the following
resolutions were adopted:

Resolved: The Proctor having reported that under authority
of the resolution of the Board at the last meeting he investigated
the advisability of approving the sale of real estate
belonging to the Austin fund in Chelsea & Malden, Massachusetts,
he has taken the advice of the counsel of the Board,
Messrs. Loving & Coolidge, of Boston, who upon a careful investigation
& with the assistance of a real estate expert they
advised that immediate authority be given the trustees to make
a sale of the property, and upon consultation with the chairman
of the Executive Committee, the Proctor took the responsibility
of authorizing such sale.

Be it Resolved: That the action of the Proctor be approved.

And the Proctor having further reported that the trustees
of the Austin Fund advise that sale be made at $18,000. of the
property at South Boston which was bought in by the trustees
at a foreclosure sale of a mortgage held by the estate, the
said property being now leased by the Ipswich Mills.

Resolved: That authority be given for the sale of the
property at the price named or to renew the lease to said Mills
at the present rental.

The Board of Visitors having been informed a facsimile
copy of the original Declaration of Independence of the United
States has been presented to the University by Judge James B.


Sener, President of the General Alumni Association, to be
hung in the Public Hall at the University, and desiring to
express its appreciation of this thoughtful       on the part
of Judge Sener, it is ordered that the thanks of the Board of
Visitors to him be entered of record and that the Secretary
of the Board furnish Judge Sener with a copy of this order.

Resolved: That Professor Thornton be requested to nominate
to the next meeting of the Board an Adjunct Professor in
his department at a compensation of not exceeding $1500. per

Pursuant to the recommendation of the Faculty, Resolved:
That the Law faculty is authorized to employ one not a student
as Law Librarian instead of a student as heretofore, the compensation
to remain unchanged, viz: $140 00.

Resolved: That the election of a Librarian be postponed
until the next meeting of the Board and that no appropriation
be made at present for the salary of Librarian and that the
Library be in charge of the assistant librarian until further

The Board having received a request from Prof Noah K.
Davis for assistance next session, regrets that it is unable
at this time to comply with the request.

The Board learns with pleasure that an oil portrait of
the late Mr. Linden Kent has been presented to the University
by his brothers, Hon. Henry T. Kent of St. Louis and Dr. Chas.
W. Kent of the University of Virginia:

Resolved: That the thanks of the Board be extended for
the portrait, and that it be hung in the Library, with authority


to the Professor of English Literature to remove the
portrait to the lecture room of the Linden Kent School of
English Literature.

Resolved: That the sum of One Hundred Dollars be appropriated
for the purpose of buying a horse for the use of
Dr. Lambeth in his department.

Resolved: That pursuant to the recommendation contained
in the Proctor's report the sum of $600 00 be appropriated for
the construction of granolithic walks in the University grounds,
to be made under the supervision of the Proctor.

Resolved: That pursuant to recommendation in Proctor's
report, the sum of Eight Hundred Dollars is appropriated for
the purpose of constructing a tank on Monroe Hill with necessary
piping thereto.

Resolved: That this Board wishes to and it does hereby,
put on record some expression of its high and sincere appreciation
of the efficient and unselfish manner in which Dr. P.
B. Barringer has discharged the duties of Chairman of the
Faculty during the important and trying period in which he
has held this position, and to thank him in behalf of the
Board and the University.

The following report of the Miller Board Committee was
presented, examined, approved & ordered to be spread on the
minutes of the Board:

Your Miller Board Committee respectfully report that
the Miller Board has apportioned the Miller Fund as follows:



Dr. Tuttle's Salary  $3000.00 
Prof. Thornton's Salary  500. 
Prof. Dunnington's Salary  500. 
3 Scholarships  750. 
Special Scholarship Electrician  300. 
Equipment  350. 
Assistant  600. 

This apportionment is approved and its adoption recommended.

D. Harmon Committee.
R. W. Moore Committee.

The following is adopted as the estimated Receipts &
Disbursements for the year 1903-04, and ordered to be spread
on the record:




From Annuity by the State  50000 00 
From Miller Board (this year $5850)  6000 00 
From Interest on Corcoran Endowment  6000 00 
From Interest on Kent Endowment  3000 00 
From Interest on Observatory Endowment  4455 00  13455 00 
From Interest on Library (Madison)  156 00 
From Interest on Library (Gordon)  300 00 
From Interest on Library (Byrd)  460 00 
From Interest on Library (Paul)  32 00  948 00 
From Interest on Fellowship (Mason)  210 00 
From Interest on Scholarship (Brown)  120 00 
From Interest on Scholarship (Birely)  220 00 
From Interest on Scholarship (Cabell)  50 00  600 00 
From Interest on Sinking fund for old
1986 00 
From Interest on Sinking fund for new
456 00  2442 00 
From Interest on Bank Balances  600 00 
From Rents other than Dormitories.— 
(D. T. D. (Infirmary)  450 00 
(Hotel - West Range  300 00 
(Alumni Hall  420 00 
(Mess Hall, Carr's Hill  180 00 
(Dawson Cottage, (Mr. Green)  125 00 
(Tenant House. (Barber)  48 00 
(Blacksmith Shop.  36 00  1559 00 
Receipts (continued) 
From Lights other than Dormitories
(residents on grounds) 
700 00 
From Steam heat, other than Dormitories
(residents on grounds) 
150 00  850 00 
From Deferred payments on students'
fees (estimated) 
400 00 
From Students' fees, rents, lights.
&c. 600 @ $110 00
66000 00  66400 00 
From Austin Estate, am't estimated for
8000 00 
From Cash balance in Proctor's hands at
end of financial year 1902-3., (est.) 
1885 00  9885 00 
Total Receipts  152739 00 










Salaries of Faculty and Instructors. 
1 President @ $5000.  5000 00 
1 Chairman  500 00 
23 Professors @ $3000.  69000 00 
1 Adjunct Professor & @ 1800.
Director of Gym. 
1800 00 
1 Adjunct Professor Mechanics  1500 00 
1 Demonstrator of Anatomy  800 00 
1 Demonstrator of Biology & Pathology  800 00 
1 Instructor in Latin  800 00 
1 Instructor in Physics  800 00 
1 Instructor in Engineering  600 00 
1 Instructor in Biology  600 00 
82,000 00 
Salaries of Officers. 
Proctor & Supt. Grounds & Buildings  2000 00 
Assistant Librarian  200 00 
Secretary of Proctor & General bookkeeper  1000 00 
Secretary of Visitors  100 00 
Commissioner of Accounts  150 00 
3450 00 
Fellowships and Scholarships. 
3 Astronomical  1050 00 
1 John Y. Mason  210 00 
1 Teutonic Languages  200 00 
1 Romance Languages  200 00 
1 English Literature  200 00 
1 Cabell Scholarship  50 00 
3 Miller @ $250  750 00 
1 Miller (special)  300 00 
1 J. Thompson Brown  120 00 
1 Valentine Birely  220 00 
6 State Public High Sch @ $50.  300 00 
Carried Forward  $89250 00  $152739 00 
3600 00 
Brought Forward  $89250 00  $152739 00 
Interest and Sinking Fund 
Interest on old bonded debt  5170 00 
Interest on new bonded debt  10000 00 
Sinking fund old bonded debt  2050 00 
Sinking fund new bonded debt  2000 00 
Sinking fund Interest (for reinvestment)  2442 00 
Wages of Employees 
1 University Artisan (H. Noreck)  1000 00 
1 Engineer for Electric Plant (night)  600 00 
12 mo. @ $50. 
1 Engineer ditto & steam 7 mo. @ $55  385 00 
1 Fireman for Electric Plant, 7 mo.
@ $30. 
210 00 
1 Day Policeman & Boss of hands @ $40.  480 00 
1 Night Policeman & Watchman @ 30.  360 00 
1 Janitor Rotunda & Library @ 25.  300 00 
1 Janitor Anatomical Hall @ $30  360 00 
1 Janitor New Buildings, 12 mo. @ $15.  180 00 
2 Janitor New Buildings, 9 mo. @ $15  270 00 
1 Janitor Museum 12 mo. @ $15  180 00 
1 Janitor Med. Hall mo. @ 15  135 00 
1 Janitor Chem Laboratory @ 15.  135 00 
1 Janitor Gymnasium @ $25.  225 00 
1 Janitor Dispensary @ $9.  108 00 
2 Janitor Randall Building @ $15  270 00 
1 Messenger Chairman's Office @ $10 00  120 00 
6 Laborers @ $18. mo for year  1296 00 
15 Dormitory Servants 9 mos. (est.)  1774 00 
Working Expenses. 
Advertising Dept.  3000 00 
Advertising Dept. overdrawn  277 85 
Astronomical Dept.  405 00 
Anatomical Dept. per. cap. 
Operating Refrigerating plant  100 00 
Agl. & Biological Dept. (expenses & equipt)  350 00 
Catalogue & Bulletin  1500 00 
Contingent Fund.  1750 00 
Commutation of Rents, 11 @ $300. & 1 @  $60.3360 00 
Chemical Department  350 00 
Chemical Department (med. per cap.) 
Dispensary  400 00 
Diplomas  200 00 
Engineering Department  300 00 
Elec. Light Department lamps & sup.  600 00 
Fuel for heating & lighting ($3000. appropriated
for this year but actual expendi-
ture $3800.) 
3500 00 
Brought Forward  152739 00 
Gas for lighting, special for library &c  100 00 
Gymnasium, heating, lighting, equipt &c  450 00 
Hospital (general operating expenses)  3650 00 
Law Department (Library)  500 00 
Med. Biology & Pathology.  250 00 
Med. Biology & Pathology. per. cap. 
Mineralogical & Geological Dept.  25 00 
Physical Department  300 00 
Physical Department (med) per cap. 
Printed Blanks  200 00 
Reservoir & Water Line  180 00 
Tank & pipes  800 00 
Library (Madison, Gordon, Byrd, Paul)  948 00 
Repairs  5000 00 
Law Librarian  140 00 
Granolithic Walks  600 00 
Purchase of Horse  100 00 
School of methods  1500 00 
Alumni Entertainment  150 00 
Graduates' Reception  150 00  150435 85 
Balance, estimated surplus  2303 15 

On motion the Board adjourned.

Jas. Jones,
Charles P. Jones Rector.