University of Virginia Library


At a meeting of the Board of Visitors called by the Rector
and held at the University on
October 17th 1902.

Present: The Rector and Members Harmon, Glass, Wallace,
Moore, Stuart, Hunton, Downing, and Irvine.

Messrs. Eppa Hunton and H. C. Stuart having been appointed
by the Governor, approved by the Senate, & commissioned to serve
as Visitors for the four years next ensuing from the    day of
      1902, the said Messrs. Eppa Hunton & H. C. Stuart took
and subscribed the oaths required by law as Visitors of the
University of Virginia, before John M. White, Judge of the
County Court of Albemarle County.

The Chairman of the Faculty handed into the Board the
following reports-

  • Chairman's Report.

  • Faculty Report.

  • Proctor's Report.

  • School Reports.

& various petitions, applications etc.


Visitor Eppa Hunton was unanimously elected by the Board
to fill the vacancy on the Executive Committee caused by the
resignation of Mr. Geo. W. Miles from the Board.

The Executive Committee is now as follows

Visitors: Jones, Harmon, Glass, Moore, & Hunton

Messrs. Bryan & Miles having resigned from the Board,
the Rector re-cast the standing committees as follows.

Finance       Committee - Visitors Harmon, Downing, & Glass.

Library & Apparatus Committee - Visitors Hunton, Stuart, & Moore.

Conduct of Schools etc. - Visitors Irvine, Wallace, & Hunton.

Buildings & Schools. - Visitors Glass, Downing, & Stuart.

Health, Infirmary etc. - Visitors Irvine, Wallace, & Moore.

Miller Board Comtee - Visitors Harmon, Glass, & Moore.

The following resolutions were adopted by the Board:

The Board of Visitors having been informed by the Faculty
that Judge J. B. Sener, the President of the Alumni Association,
has indicated his intention to give annually five prize medals
to the classes of Law, Medicine, Engineering, Latin, & Moral
Philosophy, one to each, to be presented at the Commencement
Exercises in June of each year, this Board hereby expresses
its appreciation of the action of Judge Sener; and invites him
to be present when said medals are presented.

The following extract from the minutes of the Faculty was
received & ordered to be spread on the minutes of the Board,
as a complete settlement of the matter in relation to the protest
of the M. A. Class in the School of Romantic Languages,
in regard to graduation of Mr. L. Patton, referred to in entry
on these minutes made at last June meeting.


"Extract from Faculty Minutes of October 10, 1902.
"On motion of Professor Minor, Resolved- That it is the sense
of the Faculty that the matter of Professor Wilson's alleged
violation of the laws of the University, has been explained
to the satisfaction of the Faculty, as regards any intentional
violation of the Laws.

From the minutes

(signed) P. B. Barringer,

Resolved: That the sum of $600. be hereby appropriated
for the purpose of paying the salary of the Engineer of the
Electric lighting plant.

Resolved: That $122. be appropriated for the purchase
of classical wall maps by Prof. Fitzhugh, as recommended in
the Report of the Faculty.

Resolved: That for the reasons stated in the resolution
adopted June 10, 1901, Thomas Towles be relieved for the current
session from paying any fees in the Academic Department
and that there be refunded him the matriculation fee already

Resolved: That the Professor of Romanic Languages & the
Professor of Teutonic Languages are authorized to nominate to
the Board for appointment an instructor whose duties shall be
to teach the A classes in both schools of Modern Languages &
Also the duties now performed by the Fellow in Teutonic Languages,
at an annual salary of $400, with the understanding
that no increase in the compensation will be asked for.

This is to be in lieu of the present Fellowship in Teutonic


Resolved: That for the present it is inexpedient to
adopt the recommendation of the Faculty made in section 13
of their report of June 16th last, and further referred to
in Section 2 of their report of this date, with reference
to the extension of the Law Course to a three years' course.

Resolved: That the recommendation of the Faculty be
approved, allowing Mr. John E Cole to substitute in his
course for the B. A. Degree, Economics for History or for
any other ticket which was in the same group, with Economics
when he entered the University, Session 1900-1901.

Resolved: That the request of Prof James A. Harrison
for a leave of absence from Feby 1, 1903, to Sept. 12, 1903,
be granted on the terms stated in his letter of application.

Resolved: Pursuant to the recommendation of the Faculty,
that A. B. Elliott be allowed to substitute electricity for
astronomy in his course for the B. S. degree.

On the application of Professor Thomas Fitzhugh, the
applications of Professors Buckmaster & Wilson having been
withdrawn, it is ordered that the Proctor assign to Professor
Thomas Fitzhugh, as a residence, the Pavilion formerly assigned
to Professor Peters, to take effect when Col. Peters is able
to move to his own house, now being repaired.

Resolved: Mr. Chas. R. Thurman is hereby appointed Instructor
in Applied Methematics for the present session.

Resolved: That all the acts & resolutions done & adopted
at the special meeting held in Richmond on July 17th 1902, be
& the same are, hereby approved & readopted.


Resolved: That in executing the resolution of the Board
adopted at its June meeting 1902, respecting the deposit of
funds, the proposition of the Fidelity Savings & Trust Company
of Charlottesville, dated Octo. 17,th 1902, be considered by
the Proctor & Finance Committee.

Resolved that the recommendation contained in the letter
of Dr Tuttle, dated Oct. 10, 1902, accompanying the report of
the Faculty relative to abolishing the Fellowship in Biology
& reinstating the instructorship therein, be approved & adopted.
& that there shall be paid to the Instructor who may be nominated
by the Miller Board and confirmed by the Executive Committee
of the Board, a salary of $600.

Considering the communication just received by the Board
from Mr. Geo. W. Miles, it is resolved that a copy of the communication
be transmitted to the Chairman of the Faculty with
the request that the members of the Faculty who preferred the
charged against Mr. Miles mentioned in the communication appear
in person or by committee before the Board & explain the

On motion, the Board adjourned until to-morrow morning
at ten o'clock.

Jas Jones,

Charles P. Jones,

October 18th, 1902.

The Poard met in pursuance of adjournment on yesterday.
Present. The Rector and all the members of the Board.
The following resolutions were adopted.


The Chairman of the Faculty having laid before the Visitors
a communication from Mr Wm Alexander, indicating his
purpose to aid in the erection of a memorial ward to Dr J. L.
Cabell in the University Hospital.

Resolved - That the appreciation of the Visitors for the
generosity of Mr. Alexander is hereby recorded upon their
minutes, and the Secretary is directed to send a copy of this
resolution to Mr. Alexander.

Resolved that the Chairman be authorized to return to Mr.
Ranschenback his note for tuition for last year, in consideration
of services rendered by him at the gymnasium.

Resolved that the library be kept open during the session
except on Sunday two hours, at night up to 10 o'clock, p,
addition to the hours prescribed in Section 303 of the revised

Be it further resolved that John S. Patton is appointed
Assistant Librarian for the present session at a compensation
of $200, & his duties as such require him to attend at the library
& work upon arranging & cataloging the books during such
part of the library hours as may be agreed upon by him and the

At the end of the present session some more permanent
change will be made in the office of Librarian

Resolved= That the action of the Rector & the Chairman
of the Executive Committee in adopting the following resolution
be approved & made of full effect

"Resolved- That the Chairman of the Faculty be authorized
to negotiate with the secondary schools & colleges contributory


to the University, for such an arrangement as will permit
some graduate of these schools or colleges, who is a man of
more than ordinary capacity, to receive a scholarship at the
University, embracing free tuition & matriculation, provided
some other man of the same school or vicinity, who would not
otherwise have come, accompany him to the University & become
a regular student.

In view of the statement made by the Chairman of the Faculty
relative to the settlement of the Proctor's Accounts, the
Secretary of the Board is directed to inform Mr. S. B. Woods,
Commr of Acct's, that a strict observance of & compliance with
Sections 265 & 266 of the Laws of the University is expected.

Resolved- That Dr. W. A. Lambeth, in addition to his duties
as Director of the Fayerweather Gymnasium is made adjunct
professor of Hygiene and Materia Medica - his salary for the
two positions to be the same as at present, $1800 00

Whereas it appears that the organization of the Order of
Sons of Temperance is not now in existence, & it is desired
that the net income from the Temperance Hall be devoted to such
purpose as will be most promotive of the cause of temperance.

Be it resolved - That until further ordered the net income,
after providing for repairs, insurance, etc., from the
Temperance Hall building, shall be paid out by the Proctor as
may be directed by a special committee to be appointed by the
Faculty, and to be known as the Committee on Temperance.

Be it Resolved - That any person who has graduated at
this University with the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy shall
thereafter be allowed to pursue work in any of the Academic


Schools of the University without further charges for matriculation
or tuition.

While the Board is in receipt of a communication from
all the members of the Faculty, (except two, who are detained
by sickness or absence) who signed the protest against the
selection of Mr. George W. Miles as Chairman, stating that it
was not the intention to make any charge against the purity
of Mr. Miles's character as a man, yet as it has been informed
that there have recently been various rumors circulated through
the State reflecting upon Mr. Miles's character, the Board has
examined into the truth of the same, and now deems it but fair
to put upon record the result of its investigation, in the
following resolution


That the Board desires to express its complete
& absolute confidence in the high & unsullied character of
Mr. Miles, as well as its appreciation of his loyalty to the
University, and the valuable services rendered by him in pro-
tecting its interests while serving as a member of the Board.

Resolved (1) That in the opinion of the Board the University
should have an Executive head, not selected from the
teaching corps & with powers & duties more extensive than those
belonging to the office of Chairman of the Faculty.

(2) That a Committee of three be appointed to urge upon
the General Assembly the expediency of enacting, as early as
possible, legislation expressly authorizing the Board to create
such an office, of which committee the Rector shall be


(3) That said Committee shall report to the Board what
should be the title of the occupant of such office & the details
of the functions to be performed by him, and, as far
as practicable, the Committee shall communicate with the
Alumni Associations of the University & invite their views.

(4) That a meeting of the Board shall be called to consider
the report of the Committee as soon as the same is ready
to be submitted.

The Rector appointed as the two additional members of the
of the Committee under the above resolution, Messrs. Hunton &

Resolved that Dr. P. B. Barringer be elected Chairman of
the Faculty for the present session.

On motion, the Board adjourned sine die

Jas Jones,
Charles P. Jones