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Superstructure Room 21

Form.—Rectangular (for plan see 1936 report).[4]

Walls.—The masonry was of stones set in roughly horizontal lines
in mortar. A thick plaster was spread on the walls and sloped out at
the bottom to curve into the floor. These walls were more even in
construction and more regular in line than those of the substructure.

Roofing.—No evidence.

Floor and Special Features.—The floor was smooth and level in
comparison with those of the substructures, but included no firepits
or post holes.

Immediately outside the east wall of the room, and paralleling
the southeast corner from the level of the superstructure floor, were
remnants of a wooden log, apparently socketed in earth and plaster.
The wood was decomposed.

A circular bin with a diameter of 2′ and a depth of 10″ was uncovered
8″ below the level of the superstructure floor, midway between
rooms 20 and 21. The stones forming the sides of this bin were plastered
over. In the center of the bin was a post hole 6″ in diameter.
The bin occurred between the room floor above and substructure floor

Three large ollas of Exuberant Corrugated were found 2′ 6″
below the surface of the superstructure floor. One was in the southwest
corner about 8″ from the south and west walls. The second was
3′ 10″ from the southwest corner, 4′ 10″ from the northwest corner,
and 1′ 6″ from the west wall. The third was in the southeast corner
touching the east wall and 4′ 6″ from the south wall. In the third olla
there was found a well-used mano. The other ollas contained only dirt

Room Fill.—At the time of excavation no fill was present above
the superstructure floor level except the soil that had washed in during
the winter.


Animal Bones.—Some.


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Pottery Percentages.

Floor Level of
Sherds in Superstructure
Lino Gray  18.49  14.02 
Red Mesa B on W  16.44  15.85 
Escavada B on W  16.44  19.51 
Exuberant Cor.  15.75  35.98 
Chaco Cor.  15.75 
Gallup B on W  7.53  6.10 
Kana-a Gray  6.85  3.05 
McElmo B on W  1.37  3.05 
Wingate B on R  1.37  .61 
Sunset Red  .61 
Deadman's B on W  .61 
Total number of sherds in sample  146  164 

Brand, et al., 1937, Map IV, p. 70.