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I PROPOSE to give a course of Law Instruction during
the ensuing Summer, beginning MONDAY, 17th July, and
continuing two months, embracing


Whilst the course, it is hoped, will be especially profitable
to those who design to attend this or some other Law
School the next session, it is expected to present no inconsiderable
advantages also to persons who must continue their
studies privately.

The only text-book will be Blackstone's Commentaries,
but the Virginia Code of 1860 will be needed for reference.

Should it be desired by a sufficient number to warrant
the increased labor, I will also give three lectures a week
during the same period to a more advanced class.

The tuition fee for the regular class will be $40, and for
the advanced class $30, payable upon entering.

Applications may be made to me. Post-office, University
of Virginia.

March, 1871.

Professor Com. and Stat. Law.