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3.—Examinations for Graduation.

The examinations for graduation are held in the last
month of the session. They are conducted, in each school,
by the Professor thereof, in the presence of two other Professors,
forming, with him, the committee of examination
for the school.


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The candidates for graduation are subjected to searching
interrogations on the details and niceties, as well as the
leading principles of the subject, and they are expected to
be accurately versed in all the topics treated of in the lectures
and correlative text.

These examinations are carried on chiefly in writing; but
in some of the schools they are partly oral.

☞ As a due acquaintance with the English language
is indispensable to the attainment of even the inferior
honors of the institution, all candidates for graduation are
subjected to a preliminary examination to test their qualifications
in this respect.