University of Virginia Library


Professor Echols.

Professor J. M. Page.

Adjunct Professor Luck.

Mr. Browne.

Mr. Gaver.

Mr. Stout.

For Undergraduates and Graduates.

Mathematics C1: Mathematics B1 and B2 prerequisite.—Analytical
geometry of three dimensions; advanced differential and integral calculus; differential
equations.—Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 11-12. Cabell Hall. Professor

For Graduates.

Mathematics D1: Mathematics C1 prerequisite.—A course in differential
geometry.—Hours by appointment. Professor. Page.

Mathematics D2: Mathematics C1 prerequisite.—A course in ordinary
and partial differential equations.—Hours by appointment. Professor Page.
Omitted in 1917-1918.

Mathematics D3: Theory of Functions: Mathematics C1 prerequisite.
Mathematical analysis for advanced students.—Monday, Wednesday, Friday,
11-12. Professor Echols.

For Summer-School courses in mathematics, on which college credit will
be allowed, see p. 238.