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The Jeffersonian cyclopedia;

a comprehensive collection of the views of Thomas Jefferson classified and arranged in alphabetical order under nine thousand titles relating to government, politics, law, education, political economy, finance, science, art, literature, religious freedom, morals, etc.;

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Born at Shadwell, Albemarle Co., Va.  April 2 (O. S.), 13 (N. S.), 1743 
Death of his Father, Peter Jefferson  August 17, 1757 
Entered William and Mary College  March, 1760 
Graduation  April 25, 1762 
Entered Law Office of George Wythe  April, 1762 
Admitted to Bar  1767 
Elected to Virginia House of Burgesses  March, 1769 
Marriage to Martha Wayles Skelton  January, 1772 
Birth of his First Daughter, Martha  September 27, 1772 
Appointed Surveyor of Albemarle County  October, 1773 
Birth of Second Daughter, Jane Randolph  April 3, 1774 
Elected Deputy to Continental Congress  March, 1775 
Attends Continental Congress  June 21, 1775 
Death of his Mother  March 31, 1776 
Appointed on Committee to prepare Declaration of Independence  June 11, 1776 
Draft of Declaration Reported  June 28, 1776 
Elected Commissioner to France  September 26, 1776 
Attends Virginia Assembly  October, 1776 
Appointed on Committee to Revise Virginia Laws  November 6, 1776 
Birth of Son  May 28, 1777 
Death of Son  June 14, 1777 
Birth of Third Daughter, Mary  August 1, 1778 
Elected Governor of Virginia  June 1, 1779 
Reelected Governor of Virginia  June 1, 1780 
Fourth Daughter Born  November 3, 1780 
Resigns Governorship  June 1, 1781 
Assembly Orders Investigation of his Administration  June 5, 1781 
Appointed Peace Commissioner by Continental Congress  June 14, 1781 
Appointment Declined  June 30, 1781 
Attends Virginia Assembly  November 5, 1781 
Committee Appointed to State Charges Against Him  November 26, 1781 
Elected Delegate to Congress  November 30, 1781 
Voted Thanks of Assembly  December 12, 1781 
Daughter Lucy Elizabeth Born  May 8, 1782 
Death of Mrs. Jefferson  September 6, 1782 
Appointed Peace Commissioner to Europe  November 12, 1782 
Appointment Withdrawn  April 1, 1783 
Elected Delegate to Congress  June 6, 1783 
Elected Chairman of Congress  March 12, 1784 
Elected Minister to France  May 7, 1784 
Arrived in Paris  August 6, 1784 
Elected French Minister by Congress  March 10, 1785 
Audience at French Court  May 17, 1785 
Death of Youngest Daughter, Lucy  November, 1785 
Presented to George III. at Windsor  March 22, 1786 
Made an LL.D. by Yale  October, 1786 
Made an LL.D. by Harvard  June, 1788 
Prepares Charter for France  June 3, 1789 
Nominated to be Secretary of State  September 25, 1789 
Confirmed by Senate  September 26, 1789 
Leaves France  October, 1789 
At Monticello  December 24, 1789 
Accepts Secretaryship of State  February 14, 1790 
Marriage of Daughter Martha to Thomas Mann Randolph  February 28, 1790 
Writes to Washington of Intention to Resign from Cabinet  May 23, 1792 
Reconsiders Resignation  January, 1793 
Offered French Mission  February, 1793 
Resigns Secretaryship of State  December 31, 1793 
Offered Foreign Mission  September, 1794 
Elected Vice-President  November 4, 1796 
Elected President of Philosophical Society  January, 1797 
Takes Oath of Office as Vice-President  March 4, 1797 
Marriage of Mary Jefferson to John Wayles Eppes  October 13, 1797 
Writes Essay on Study of Anglo-Saxon  October, 1798 
Drafts Kentucky Resolutions  October, 1798 
Revises Madison's Virginia Resolutions  November, 1798 
Plans University of Virginia  January 18, 1800 
Prepares Parliamentary Manual  February, 1800 
Republican Caucus Nominates Jefferson and Burr  May, 1800 
Congress Begins to Ballot for President  February 11, 1801 
Elected President  February 17, 1801 
Farewell Address to Senate  February 28, 1801 
Inauguration as President  March 4, 1801 
Louisiana Treaty Signed at Paris  May 2, 1803 
Louisiana Treaty Ratified  October 20, 1803 
Message on Taking Possession of Louisiana  January 18, 1804 
Reelected President of United States  November, 1804 
Elected President of American Philosophical Society  January, 1807 
Signs Bill to End Slave Trade  March 2, 1807 
Proposes to Seize the Floridas  September 1, 1807 
Embargo Act Signed  December 22, 1807 
Repeal of Embargo Signed  March 1, 1809 
Retires from Presidency  March 4, 1809 
Arrives at Monticello  March 17, 1809 
Resigns Presidency of American Philosophical Society  November, 1814 
Congress Passes Bill to Buy Library  January, 1815 
Drafts Virginia Protest  December, 1825 
Executes Will  March 16, 1826 
Declines Invitation to Fourth of July Celebration in Washington  June 24, 1826 
Writes Last Letter  June 25, 1826 
Death  July 4, 1826