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The Jeffersonian cyclopedia;

a comprehensive collection of the views of Thomas Jefferson classified and arranged in alphabetical order under nine thousand titles relating to government, politics, law, education, political economy, finance, science, art, literature, religious freedom, morals, etc.;
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4808. LOUISIANA, Constitutional amendments.—
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3 occurrences of jefferson cyclopedia
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4808. LOUISIANA, Constitutional amendments.—

The province of Louisiana
is incorporated
with the United States,
and made part thereof.
The rights of occupancy
in the soil,
and of self-government
are confirmed to
the Indian inhabitants,
as they now exist.
Preemption only of
the portions rightfully
occupied by them, and
a succession to the occupancy
of such as
they may abandon,
with the full rights of
possession as well as
of property and sovereignty
in whatever is
not or shall cease to be
so rightfully occupied
by them shall belong
to the United States.
The Legislature of the
Union shall have authority
to exchange
the right of occupancy
in portions where the
United States have
full right for lands
possessed by Indians
within the United
States on the east side
of the Mississippi: to
exchange lands on the
east side of the river
for those of the white
inhabitants on the west
side thereof and above
the latitude of 31 degrees:
to maintain in
any part of the province
such military
posts as may be requisite
for peace or
safety: to exercise police
over all persons
therein, not being Indian
inhabitants: to
work salt springs, or
mines of coal, metals
and other minerals
within the possession
of the United States
or in any others with
the consent of the possessors;
to regulate
trade and intercourse
between the Indian
inhabitants and all
other persons; to explore
and ascertain the
geography of the province,
its productions
and other interesting
circumstances; to open
roads and navigation
therein where necessary
for beneficial communication;
and to
establish agencies and
factories therein for
the cultivation of commerce,
peace and good
understanding with
the Indians residing
there. The Legislature
shall have no authority
to dispose of the
lands of the province
otherwise than as hereinbefore
permitted, until
a new amendment
of the Constitution
shall give that authority.
Except as to that
portion thereof which
lies south of the latitude
of 31 degrees;
which whenever they
deem expedient, they
may erect into a territorial
either separate or as
making part with one
on the eastern side of
the river, vesting the
inhabitants thereof
with all the rights
possessed by other territorial
citizens of the
United States. 
Louisiana, as ceded
by France to the United
States is made a
part of the United
States. Its white inhabitants
shall be citizens,
and stand, as
to their rights and
obligations on the
same footing with
other citizens of the
United States in analogous
situations. Save
only that as to the portion
thereof lying
north of an east and
west line drawn
through the mouth of
the Arkansas river, no
new State shall be
established, nor any
grants of land made,
other than to Indians
in exchange for equivalent
portions of land
occupied by them, until
authorized by further
amendment to the
Constitution shall be
made for these purposes.

Florida, also, whenever
it may be rightfully
obtained, shall
become a part of the
United States. Its
white inhabitants shall
thereupon be citizens,
and shall stand, as to
their rights and obligations,
on the same
footing with other
citizens of the United
States, in analogous


Page 511

Drafts of an Amendment to the Constitution. Washington ed. iv, 503. Ford ed., viii, 241.
(July. 1803)