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3884. INCORPORATION, Republican party and.—

It has always been denied by the
republican party in this country, that the Constitution
had given the power of incorporation
to Congress. On the establishment of the
Bank of the United States, this was the great
ground on which that establishment was combatted;
and the party prevailing supported it
only on the argument of its being an incident
to the power given them for raising money.
On this ground it has been acquiesced in, and
will probably be acquiesced in, as subsequently
confirmed by public opinion. But in no other
instance have they ever exercised this power
of incorporation out of this District, of which
they are the ordinary Legislature.—
To Dr. Maese. Washington ed. v, 412.
(W. Jan. 1809)

See Bank (U. S.), Constitutionality of, General Welfare and Monopoly.