University of Virginia Library

3706. HENRY (Patrick), Influence.—

have understood that Mr. Henry has always
been opposed[to a new constitution for Virginia];
and I confess that I consider his talents
and influence such as that, were it decided that
we should call a convention for the purpose of
amending, I should fear he might induce that
convention either to fix the thing as at present,
or change it for the worse. Would it not,
therefore, be well that means should be adopted
for coming at his ideas of the changes he would
agree to, and for communicating to him those
which we should propose? Perhaps he might
find ours not so distant from his, but that some
mutual sacrifices might bring them together.—
To Archibald Stuart. Washington ed. iii, 314. Ford ed., v, 408.
(Pa., 1791)