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3630. HAMILTON (Henry), Cruelties.—

The indiscriminate murder of men, women
and children, with the horrid circumstances
of barbarity practiced by the Indian savages,
was the particular task of Governor Hamilton's
employment; and if anything could have aggravated
the acceptance of such an office, and
have made him personally answerable in a
high degree, it was that eager spirit with which
he is said to have executed it; and which, if
the representations before the[Virginia] Council
are to be credited, seems to have shown that
his own feelings and disposition were in unison
with his employment. [233]
To Theodorick Bland, Jr. Ford ed., ii, 191.
(W. 1779)


Lieutenant Governor Hamilton was a British
official who had been forced to surrender to the Virginia
troops while Jefferson was Governor of Virginia.—Editor.