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3626. HAMILTON (Alexander), Treasury management.—

Alexander Hamilton's
[Treasury] system flowed from principles adverse
to liberty, and was calculated to undermine
and demolish the Republic, by creating
an influence of his Department over the members
of the Legislature. I saw this influence
actually produced, and its first fruits to be the
establishment of the great outlines of his project
by the votes of the very persons who, having
swallowed his bait, were laying themselves
out to profit by his plans; and that had these
persons withdrawn, as those interested in a
question ever should, the vote of the disinterested
majority was clearly the reverse of what
they had made it. These were no longer the
votes then of the representatives of the people,
but of deserters from the rights and interests
of the people; and it was impossible to consider
their decisions, which had nothing in view but
to enrich themselves, as the measures of the
fair majority, which ought always to be respected.—
To President Washington. Washington ed. iii, 461. Ford ed., vi, 102.
(M. 1792)