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The Jeffersonian cyclopedia;

a comprehensive collection of the views of Thomas Jefferson classified and arranged in alphabetical order under nine thousand titles relating to government, politics, law, education, political economy, finance, science, art, literature, religious freedom, morals, etc.;

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3203. FRANKLIN (Benjamin), French admiration.—[further continued].
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3203. FRANKLIN (Benjamin), French admiration.—[further continued].

When he left Passy [200] [for America], it seemed as if the village had
lost its patriarch. On taking leave of the
court, which he did by letter, the King ordered
him to be handsomely complimented, and furnished
him with a litter and mules of his own,
the only kind of conveyance the state of his
health could bear.—
To Rev. William Smith. Washington ed. iii, 213. Ford ed., v, 292.
(Pa., 1791)


Franklin lived in Passy, a suburb of Paris.—Editor.