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The Jeffersonian cyclopedia;

a comprehensive collection of the views of Thomas Jefferson classified and arranged in alphabetical order under nine thousand titles relating to government, politics, law, education, political economy, finance, science, art, literature, religious freedom, morals, etc.;

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905. BONAPARTE (N.), Vanquished.—[further continued].
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905. BONAPARTE (N.), Vanquished.—[further continued].

What is infinitely interesting
[in the letters you enclosed to me], is
the scene of the exchange of Louis XVIII. for
Bonaparte. What lessons of wisdom Mr.
[John Quincy] Adams must have read in that
short space of time! More than fall to the
lot of others in the course of a long life. Man,
and the man of Paris, under those circumstances,
must have been a subject of profound
speculation! It would be a singular addition
to that spectacle to see the same beast in the
cage at St. Helena, like a lion in the tower.
That is probably the closing verse of the chapter
of his crimes.—
To Mrs. John Adams. Washington ed. vii, 52. Ford ed., x, 69.
(M. 1817)