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The Jeffersonian cyclopedia;

a comprehensive collection of the views of Thomas Jefferson classified and arranged in alphabetical order under nine thousand titles relating to government, politics, law, education, political economy, finance, science, art, literature, religious freedom, morals, etc.;

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10. ABUSE, Personal.—
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10. ABUSE, Personal.—

You have seen
my name lately tacked to so much of
eulogy and of abuse that I dare say you hardly
thought that it meant your old acquaintance
of '76. In truth, I did not know myself under
the pens either of my friends or foes. It is
unfortunate for our peace that unmerited
abuse wounds, while unmerited praise has
not the power to heal. These are hard wages
for the services of all the active and healthy
years of one's life.—
To Edward Rutledge. Washington ed. iv, 151. Ford ed., vii, 93.
(M. Dec. 1796)
See Calumny,
Newspapers and Slander.